Friday, January 6, 2012

School Managment System

This project is based on “School Management System” is an outcome of practical work at XYZ Khan School. One can get considerable satisfaction when and when only some positive efforts are translated into some concrete things. It is relay a very pleasant task of acknowledgement the help we received while developing this website.

At last we thanks to all who supported us for making this project.

Project Profile

Project Title : School Management
System Developed For : XYZ School. Siddhpur.
Project Guide : Prof. Ritu Chaudhari
Prof. Viral Sir

Team Member : 2
Front End : Microsoft Visual Studio 2008
Back End : MS SQL Server
Web Server : IIS (Internet Information Service)
Platform : Windows XP,
Documentation Tools : Microsoft Office 2003.

Project Definition

This website is based on “School Management System”. In this project, administrator can see the different reports like text reports and different kind of graph reports like Pie Chart, Bar Chart. Administrator can also getsee these reports with total calls with percentage of row wise and column wise.

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