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In object-oriented languages the term "interface" is often used to define an abstract type that contains no data but exposes behaviors defined as methods. A class  having all the methods corresponding to that interface is said to implement that interface. Furthermore, a class can implement multiple interfaces, and hence can be of different types at the same time.

An interface is hence a type definition; anywhere an object can be exchanged (in a function or method call) the type of the object to be exchanged can be defined in terms of an interface instead of a specific class. This allows later code to use the same function exchanging different object types; hence such code turns out to be more generic and reusable.

Usually a method in an interface cannot be used directly; there must be a class implementing that object to be used for the method invocation. For example, one can define an interface called "Stack" that has two methods: push() and pop() and later implement it in two different versions, say, FastStack and GenericStack—the first being faster but working with a stack of fixed size, and the second using a data structure that can be resized but at the cost of somewhat lower speed.

This approach can be pushed to the limit of defining interfaces with a single method; e.g. the Java language defines the interface Readable that has the single read() method and a collection of implementations to be used for different purposes, among others: BufferedReader, FileReader, InputStreamReader, PipedReader, and StringReader.
In its purest form, an interface (like in Java) must include only method definitions and constant values that make up part of the static interface of a type. Some languages (like C#) also permit the definition to include properties owned by the object, which are treated as methods with syntactic suga

Use of lambda operator => "Goes To"

delegate bool D();
    delegate bool D2(int i);

    class Test
        D del;
        D2 del2;
        public void TestMethod(int input)
            int j = 0;
            // Initialize the delegates with lambda expressions.
            // Note access to 2 outer variables.
            // del will be invoked within this method.
            del = () => { j = 10;  return j > input; };

            // del2 will be invoked after TestMethod goes out of scope.
            del2 = (x) => {return x == j; };
            // Demonstrate value of j:
            // Output: j = 0 
            // The delegate has not been invoked yet.
            Console.WriteLine("j = {0}", j);

            // Invoke the delegate.
            bool boolResult = del();

            // Output: j = 10 b = True
            Console.WriteLine("j = {0}. b = {1}", j, boolResult);

        static void Main()
            Test test = new Test();

            // Prove that del2 still has a copy of
            // local variable j from TestMethod.
            bool result = test.del2(10);

            // Output: True

Generating Alphanumeric Unique series

function randomPrefix($length)
$random= "";
$data .= "aBCdefghijklmn123opq45rs67tuv89wxyz";
$data .= "0FGH45OP89";
for($i = 0; $i < $length; $i++)
$random .= substr($data, (rand()%(strlen($data))), 1);
return $random;

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Format a credit card number

Function FormatCreditCard(ByVal text As String) As String
    Dim i As Long
    ' ignore empty strings
    If Len(text) = 0 Then Exit Function
    ' get rid of dashes, spaces and invalid chars
    For i = Len(text) To 1 Step -1
        If InStr("0123456789", Mid$(text, i, 1)) = 0 Then
            text = Left$(text, i - 1) & Mid$(text, i + 1)
        End If
    ' then, re-insert them in the correct position
    FormatCreditCard = Format$(text, "!@@@@ @@@@ @@@@ @@@@")
End Function

Francesco Balena

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Hotel Le Pozze di Lecchi

Set deep in the Chianti countryside, Le Pozze di Lecchi is a peaceful, rural retreat with impressive amenities. This lovingly restored 15th-century mill has large grounds with a panoramic pool.

Despite the tranquillity of this green, relaxing hotel, exploring Tuscany is easy from here, with Siena just 30 minutes' drive away. The family who manage Hotel Le Pozze di Lecchi will be pleased to book a variety of activities for you, from wine tasting and cooking classes organised directly in the hotel, to tours of nearby landmarks.

Stroll through Le Pozze di Lecchi's well-kept gardens and their 7 hectares of vineyards and olive groves. Alternatively take a bike out and go visit the natural springs at Lecchi, from which the hotel takes its name. Play bowls or table tennis, or just relax by the split-level pool and soak up the sun as you enjoy the views.

Hotel Le Pozze di Lecchi has a lovely relaxation area where you can enjoy a Jacuzzi, a sauna or a Turkish bath. After an aromatherapy massage why not head to the restaurant for a taste of some typical Tuscan delicacies?

skin deep

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Features of Visual Studio 2010

Features of Visual Studio 2010

How to create a view to display list data from specific month in sharepoint

How to create a view to display list data from specific month in sharepoint

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