Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Advantages of WPF

Advantages of WPF:

1. Broad Integration: Prior to WPF, it was very difficult to use 3D, Video, Speech, and rich document viewing in addition to normal 2D Graphics and controls would have to learn several independent technologies. WPF covers all these with consisting programming model as well as tight integration when each type of media gets composited and rendered.

2. Resolution Independence: WPF applications are device independent i.e., smart client applications. Like normal applications it won’t get decrease the size as the resolution gets increase. This is possible because WPF emphasis on vector graphics.

3. Hardware Acceleration: WPF is built on top of Direct 3D, content in a WPF application whether 2D or 3D, Graphics or text is converted to 3D triangles, textures and other Direct 3D objects and then rendered by hardware. WPF applications can get the benefit of hardware acceleration for smoother graphics and all round better performance.

4. Declerative Programming: WPF takes the declarative programming to the next level with the introduction of Extensible Application Markup Language(XAML), pronounced as “Zammel”.
XAML is like HTML in web used for creating the interface, resulting graphical designers are empowered to contribute directly to the look and feel of applications.

5. Rich Composition and Customization: WPF controls are extremely compostable.
Eg: we can create combo box with animated buttons.

6. Easy Deployment: WPF build on top of ClickOnce for supporting direct integration with web browser and it’s navigation system.

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