Monday, March 22, 2010

Enterprise Library 4.1

Enterprise Library for .NET Framework 4.1 consists of a library of Application Blocks.

Apllication blocks can be added as a different layer in .Net framework. Application blocks can be used in any application or can be modified and extended according to requirement.

Application blocks are helpful due to the following reasons:
- Avoid redundant code.
- For example, in an application that require data to be accessed, we have to write the same data access code for establishing connection, retrieving data in a data set, executing a command and many other such operations several times. The data access application block takes care of all these operations of data access and provides a simple way to use them in an optimized way.
- Provide maintainability.
- For example, sometimes any application require changes, then that changes can be done in to the class.

Enterprise Library is not

- A part of .Net Framework
- A microsoft product
- An application framework that imposes an architectural style.

But, it is

- A set classes which work in any architectural style.
- A collection blocks which can be used "as is" or extended and modified.
- Which solve common challenges.

There are seven application blocks that comprise the Enterprise Library. They are as follows:

1) Caching Application Block
2) Configuration Application Block
3) Data Access Application Block
4) Cryptography Application Block
5) Exception Handling Application Block
6) Logging and Instrumentation Application Block
7) Security Application Block