Saturday, April 10, 2010


 First generation networks use copper-based or microwave technologies e.g. Ethernet, satellites etc. In second generation networks, these copper links or microwave links with opticalfibers. However; these networks still perform the switching of data in the electronic domain though the transmission of data is done in the optical domain. Finally we have the third generation networks that employ Wavelength Division Multiplexing technology. They do both the transmission and the switching of data in the optical domain. Ais has resulted in the onset of tremendous amount of bandwidth availability. Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing (D WDM) is aft ber-optic transmission technique. It involves the process ofmulliple.xing many different wavelength signals onto a singlefIber. So eachfiber has a set of parallel optical channels each using slightly d(fferent light wavelengths. This technicalpaper gives overview of the advance technoloNy-D WDM used in optical networking It starts with the introduction and required bandwidth criteria. It also discussedEvaluation in D WDM,D WDM System Functions and some applications of D WDM

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