Monday, August 2, 2010

The Law Of Abundance And Your New Life

The Law Of Abundance And Your New Life
by Kim McMillan

There is nothing complicated about the law of abundance, to put it simply all you need to do is believe. You should believe you deserve wealth, health, happiness, love and think positive. That is it, no more no less. All types of people have been abiding by this law for generations and this simplistic belief has reaped many benefits for them.

The very best thing about the law of abundance is the fact that it is so simple. You may not want to believe it but everything you have at this point in your life and everything that you are is a direct result of the thoughts you have had over the past several years. Sadly, all the things that are lacking in your life are a result of what you believe as well.

Tomorrow when you get out of bed the law of abundance is automatically at work. Failing to take advantage of the 'powers that be' in your life is the biggest problem.

If you want your dreams to come true and manifest themselves in your life, you must look at what you have already. It is through appreciation for these things that you will see multiplication begin to take hold in your life.

For the pessimistic individual this piece of common sense is going to seem like an insurmountable object. If it helps just keep in mind that all you are really doing is breaking a bad habit, you have established in your life. You see, the law of abundance does not have to be a difficult thing at all.

Each day when you wake up, you are the one who is creating the opportunities for wealth and happiness. By waking up in a bad mood, you are setting yourself up for disappointment and failure. Something that may help you to think more positively about your life is to leave little notes for yourself throughout your house reminding you of how lucky you are.

When you open yourself up to that level of abundance, there is so much more for you to obtain. People prevent their own happiness from becoming a reality by not taking advantage of the law of abundance. You can prevent do this by taking control of your thoughts. Make the decision to change your mind.

When a negative thought sneaks into your thought processes flip it upside down and turn it into something that is positive for you. There are those who find it beneficial to feed off these negative thoughts. If you are naturally pessimistic, this may be something you can work with to bring about the law of abundance.

When your natural inclination is to always assume you are fat, you might try turning that statement around and saying 'I am thankful I am fit and trim'. This type of positive energy will allow you to have whatever it is you are dreaming of because positive energy is contagious. Try this in the days ahead and see if abundance begins to flow in your life.

Are you constantly worrying about money thinking you never have enough? You need to change that attitude to one that says you have all you want and need plus some! You will suddenly see abundance flowing in your life.

Remember that making the law of abundance a prominent force in your life is achievable. You are going to be pleasantly surprised at how much better everything turns out after deciding to accept your life the way it is by appreciating what you currently have. It's almost like magic!

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