Thursday, October 13, 2016

Angular Tutorial - Part 1: Introduction to Angular.js

In this article we will look at the basics of Angular.Js. This is the first part of an article series. The main objective of this series is to learn about Angular and see how Angular helps us in developing more flexible, maintainable and testable client side web applications and that too without compromising with the productivity.

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Angular Tutorial - Part 1: Introduction to Angular.js
Angular Tutorial - Part 2: Understanding Modules and Controllers
Angular Tutorial - Part 3: Understanding and using Directives
Angular Tutorial - Part 4: Understanding and implementing Filters
Angular Tutorial - Part 5: Understanding and implementing Services
Angular Tutorial - Part 6: Building and Validating Data Entry Forms
Angular Tutorial - Part 7: Understanding Single page applications and Angular routing
If we take a look back in time and see how our software applications have evolved then we can clearly see how the application development and development model has evolved. Almost two decade ago most software applications were getting built as standalone applications. These applications were targeted at a single user and ran on their operating systems.

Then came the need to share data across multiple users and a need to store data at a central location. This need gave birth to distributed applications. Distributed applications ran as standalone applications on the user’s machine giving him a rich user interface (les call it desktop like experience) to work with, and behind the scenes, these applications sent data to a server.

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